America's Next Top Dog: The Princess

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Trailer: America's Next Princess: First Look!

The Prince is back! Here's a sneak peak at Lorenzo Borghese's new quest for love!

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Episode 1: Life is Ruff, Bring on the Bitchlorettes

In the first episode of Lorenzo Borghese's hilarious spoof of celebrity and reality shows, we meet Bartholomew Cutie Patootie El Pootie Bond, a mutt who inherited his fortune after his millionaire master took a suspicious fall while walking up the stairs. In his palatial New York chateau, Bond meets his finalists and makes a difficult first cut.

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Episode 2: A Night in the Doghouse

After saying good bye to Caramel Barkshaw, episode 2 continues Bond's search for true love. Bond invites three lovely bitches, Kimbo, Lucy Lohan, and Bella, to join him in a magical night at his home. After meeting and partying with some of Bond's celebrity pals, the ladies and Bond head upstairs for intimate conversations. Bond is again faced with a difficult decision when deciding which of his new friends must be sent home.

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Episode 3: The Yards

Bond gets more than he bargained for when he goes on a date with Heidi, a spoiled Chihuahua who's a former reality TV star. Heidi takes Bond on a whirlwind New York adventure, from a limo ride through Times Square to a party at New York's hottest canine club. But when one of her old flames shows up, the party's over.

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Episode 4: Miracle on the Houndson

Bond flies to London to meet his long-lost father and brings along Hoprah, a talk show queen, and Palin, an Alaskan presidential hopeful. But when Bond invites both ladies into the jet's hot tub, things get turbulent.

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Episode 5: Rescue Dog

With three dogs left, who will be crowned Top Dog? Briana describes her experience as a rescue dog while spending a lovely day in Central Park with Bond. She brings new meaning to the term when the date takes an unexpected turn.

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Episode 6: America's Dogs Have Talent

Season Finale. Who will Bond crown the new, Mrs. Top Dog? After Caroleena Doggie and Susan Bowl perform in a talent show, bond is ready to announce the winner. This is sure to be the most exciting Boning Ceremony ever!