Why Prince Lorenzo's Royal Treatment

Why Royal Pet Club

We started this company with one simple desire: to enhance the lives of all animal-kind.

When Prince Lorenzo Borghese realized that many of the existing pet products on the market did more harm than good to his dog Belle, he went on a personal journey to develop his own pet-friendly product line. With the help of his family, one of Italy’s top human cosmetics manufacturer, world-renowned veterinarians, and other pet experts, Royal Treatment was eventually born in 2003. Made from the finest organic and natural ingredients, all product formulas are made with a pet’s health and happiness in mind.

We believe in good things: meaningful relationships with family, home, friends, and animal-kind. Like us, our pets deserve goodness and so our products are purposeful – they are kind to your pet and contribute to the betterment of animal, society and environment.

At Prince Lorenzo's Royal Treatment, we celebrate pets. Join us in the celebrations by becoming a member for free. Membership will give you access to exclusive discounts throughout the year on all our products.

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