Pet Grooming

From the organic ingredients in our shampoos, to our natural dietary supplements, our products are made with your pet’s health and happiness in mind.

Manufactured in Italy

Our grooming products are formulated in one of the world’s top human cosmetics laboratories, located on the outskirts of Tuscany, Italy.

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100% Natural

Our products are made from the finest organic and natural ingredients.

No harsh chemicals

Allarabens and soaps are replaced with coconut and vegetable oils.


All our grooming products are PH-balanced for your pet’s sensitive skin

100% Natural & Vet approved

All our grooming products are made from the highest quality natural and organic ingredients. Vet approved, they reduce bad odors, are suitable for puppies, and can be used in combination with flea and tick medicine.

Made in Italy

Formulated by one of Italy’s top human cosmetics manufacturers, with the help of world-renowned veterinarians, and other pet experts, our products are produced in our cosmetics laboratory on the outskirts of Tuscany, Italy.

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Probiotic + Prebiotic

Supports digestive health and overall wellbeing with 7 trains of human-grade probiotics, paired with a selection of superfoods, in an easy-to-use sprinkle formula.

Happy Customers Testimonials


I have tried hundreds of products and am now hooked on the Royal Treatment.

Olga Zabelinskaya
Certified Master Groomer

While using the Royal treatment products for weekly bathing I am able to keep my dogs coats in beautiful condition.

Justine Romano
Professional Groomer

My puppy's coat is just heavenly soft and I don't have to bathe her as often using your shampoo.

Shih Tzu's Owner

The Royal Treatment line rocks! Both my dogs have sensitive skin and neither one of them has had an issue.

Roni McNaughton
Aengus and Riley's Human

Proud to keep recommending Royal Treatment products because of their
superior pure ingredients and happy that everyone who we recommend them to is now a very happy loyal customer also.

Marie Shelto
Bocker Jr.'s Human
Meet our founder

Prince Lorenzo Borghese

When Prince Lorenzo Borghese realized that many of the existing pet products on the market did more harm than good to his dog Belle, he went on a personal journey to develop his own pet-friendly product line.

Love animals? Us too!

Every month 5% of our profit is donated to our charity partner Animal Aid.