Our products

From the organic ingredients in our shampoos, to the natural ingredients in our supplements, all our formulas are made with your pet’s health and happiness in mind. Our grooming products have also been used by award-winning groomers and have been recognized in dozens of national and international media outlets.

Made from the finest organic ingredients and fragrance oils, our pet grooming products have been developed with the help of one of the world’s top human cosmetics manufacturers, world-renowned veterinarians, and other pet experts from around the world. Formulated in our cosmetics laboratory on the outskirts of Tuscany, Italy, all our grooming products are PH-balanced for your pet’s sensitive skin. They contain no harsh surfactants (drying foaming agents) commonly found in pet grooming products, which can lead to dry and irritated skin.  Allarabens and soaps have been omitted too and replaced with coconut and vegetable oils.

Dogs, unlike humans, have non-porous skin.  As a result, they can’t lubricate their skin like humans.  Harsh Surfactants tend to pull lipids off the skin and hair shaft. Lipids are on the skin to help prevent water loss.  Once pulled off, a dog’s skin becomes dry and irritated due to its inability to naturally lubricate.   For this reasons, veterinarians often recommend only bathing your pet when necessary.  This is not the case with our grooming products which can be used whenever your pet needs or deserves a bath.

Our products combine science with nature and are made from the highest quality 100% handpicked natural and organic ingredients. They are tearless, eliminate bad odors, are suitable for puppies, and can be used in combination with flea and tick medicine. Vet approved, our recipes soothe and moisturise a dog's sensitive and delicate skin, creating a silky, glossy and shiny coat.